Hope Women's Resource Clinic began at a local church serving less than 100 women in a year and has grown to serving over 3000 clients in 2019. In 2001, the Clinic achieved the classification of medical clinic which allowed it to offer limited ultrasounds, educational classes, and additional resources.

In 2015, Hope Women’s Resource Clinic moved to a newly renovated building of 6,000 sq. ft. With the generous donation of a local individual, the Clinic was able to completely pay off the loan on the building and is now debt free. This move has provided for expanded services and support for expecting mothers.

The Clinic launched a new service of free STI/STD testing and treatment for men and women in March 2019. We also expanded our ministry to men through the Joseph Project because we believe fathers are a vital part to the life of a child.

In late 2019 the Clinic acquired the Stork Bus, a mobile pregnancy unit, and is now providing all services full time in all 4 surrounding counties.

In early 2020 the clinic was blessed with a donation of a building and property that will eventually be used as temporary shelter for homeless pregnant women.


Hope Women’s Resource Clinic continues to dream and plan just as its founders did when all they had was a closet in a local church to work from.


Jeanette Harvey

Executive Director

Amanda Buckner

Director of Programs & Development

Lanora Read

Nurse Manager

Steve Jean

Joseph Project Coordinator

Michele Humphrey

Coordinator of Baby Bottle Campaign

& Special Events

Lauren Harvey

Amy Schroeder

Administrative Assistant &

Boutique Manager

Mobile Manager

Tammy Swindall


Cheri Bridges

Coordinator of Client Services

Lorena Caballero

Client Liason

Kara Tibbitts

Medical Professional

Susan Overstreet

Medical Professional

Gracie Fletcher



Nancy Bush​

Cheryl Kiker

Cal Smith

Trey Assunto


Ralph McBride

Jay Deville